Why Invest?


  • Federal tax credits and state cash refunds can greatly minimize risks.
  • The explosion of Video-On-Demand and the projection that streaming will likely surpass movie theater box office as the number one revenue source by 2017 has changed the game for independent films and profitability.
  • There is a huge demand, audience, and growing distribution structure for SPECIALTY FILMS and other NICHE genres – as exemplified by the success of INDIE films like Dallas Buyers Club, Black Swan, Drive, and most recently Nightcrawler and Hell or High Water.
  • Be a part of a fun + creative team and enjoy the experience of the motion pictures industry as we head to Film Festivals around the world.
  • Will share in all profits.
  • All investors will get regular updates on the progress of the film.
  • If there are no returns, the investment can be written off taxes over time.
  • Will get K1 forms every year – promptly, in time for tax season.
  • “Executive Producer” credits may be available.
  • Invited to all premieres, festivals and other special events.
  • Get a finished copy of the film on DVD.
  • Help create movie magic!


  • SECTION 181: Section 181 states that investment in a motion picture shot in the US is 100{a079cf20b6448d376e98098afe7d3b2deeeeb54a7fb9695415ba6482f5a6d74e} tax deductible for the investor in the same year invested.
  • Under Section 181 an investor may deduct the money which is invested in a film or television production from his or her passive income earned in the same year. If the investor is actively involved in the operation of the production, he or she may deduct the amount of investment from all active income earned in the same year.

    (US Federal Taxes Only)